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Market-Based Management mutual benefit


Access some educational resources about MBM to learn how our business philosophy helps inspire mutually beneficial outcomes.


Market-Based Management in action.

By applying the same shared values that unleash prosperity in free societies – such as value creation, 平等的权利, 个人责任, openness and toleration – we take initiative and challenge the status quo to create value for others. See how we’re bringing MBM to life.

Charles Koch in front of a book shelf
Charles Koch explains virtuous cycles of mutual benefit.
Charles Koch的Good Profit

A different kind of business book.

For more about how MBM has propelled 科赫工业公司 forward, check out "Good Profit" by Charles Koch.


“技术创新, 极端的政治, 内乱, 网络攻击, demographic shifts and the global pandemic have accelerated the pace of change beyond what anyone anticipated. But these tumults and upheavals have only confirmed what I said in 'Good Profit' about the role of business in society: The only reason a business should exist (and the only way it can legitimately survive long term) is to create value in a responsible way."