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Fresh air and water are basic needs for everyone on planet Earth. That’s why our businesses specialize in process and pollution control equipment that help industrial facilities to operate responsibly.

Open Roles  
Manny Singh walking near a body of water
As a child, Manny experienced the global water crisis firsthand. Today, he’s helping to solve it one city at a time with Koch Separation Solutions.

Keeping it Clean.

We help manufacturers worldwide stay ahead of the constant changes in environmental standards. Click on a business to explore its unique specialty.

Thermal and mechanical engineering expertise and solutions for heat transfer processes.


Precision membrane technologies for purifying the world’s water supply.


A world leader for providing tower, vessel and mass transfer equipment services.


Tailored strategies, from project conception to completion, for industrial capital deployment and optimization.


Technology licensing in polyester, polyurethane and nylon value chains.


Mass transfer and mist elimination equipment for refineries and chemical plants worldwide.


Full-service support and technologies for the natural gas and gas processing industries.


A single source for emissions control: ultra-low emission burners, vapor recovery systems and custom combustion solutions.


A portfolio of digital solutions that enable more efficient, optimized performance.


Motors and mechanical innovations that change how robots and machines are built and move.


Intelligent sensors and analytics for smarter, more reliable electric distribution grids.


Ultrasonic imagery technology to transform and improve industrial asset integrity management.


One of the largest solar power engineering, procurement and construction firms in the U.S., successfully designing, constructing and maintaining utility-scale solar energy projects.

Koch Engineered Solutions employee reviewing analytical data
The OnPoint portfolio of digital solutions delivers to industry the deep, data-driven insights required to operate more efficiently and optimize performance.

The chemistry to create value.

From pollution prevention to advanced filtration, we’re focused on providing customers with high-value products and solutions – while using fewer resources. See the most recent ways we’re doing just that.