当不公正阻碍人们前进时,我们整个国家都会遭受痛苦. That’s why Koch has worked for decades to advance programs and policies aimed at disrupting the barriers that have led to our two-tiered society that is failing America’s most vulnerable and holding people back from reaching their extraordinary potential. And it’s why we and our partners have made a long-term commitment supporting efforts to help our country more fully embrace the ideals of equal rights, 包容和授权.

可悲的是, 自成立以来, 我们的社会未能实现人人享有平等权利和正义的承诺. 但每次我们取得进步,更好地实现这些理想, 美国对世界产生了积极的影响.

We stand with those who are peacefully speaking up and acting constructively to remove the barriers that persist in our society, 包括使种族主义制度化和不公正地阻碍许多人前进的障碍.

It’s up to each of us to face these systemic problems that leave so many behind – to have the courage to look within ourselves and work with others to improve the culture and society as a whole.

Koch supports hundreds of individuals and organizations that seek to break down the barriers that hold people back, 通过 its support for the Stand Together philanthropic community and other organizations across the country. At the heart of this work is a commitment to equal rights and a belief in the inherent dignity of every person. Koch is committed to breaking down these barriers to unleash the potential of every person 通过 support of youth development programs and scholars across the country, to reform the criminal justice syhumistem 通过 initiatives such as our pro bono legal efforts, and to help entrepreneurs achieve their potential 通过 business development support.

我们向你们承诺,我们的行动将以正直为基础, humility and mutual respect as we strive to do even more to help overcome these obstacles. 如果我们要变得更强大, listening critically and receptively to the personal experiences and perspectives of others is fundamental.


Koch’s support for Stand Together and other partners helps hundreds of organizations in communities across the country in the struggle for equal justice, 尊严和机会. 这里有一些例子.
  • 在达拉斯, 城市专家 works to fight racial injustice and build bridges between law enforcement and the community.
  • 在巴尔的摩, 线程 培养强大的人际关系,打破障碍.
  • 在芝加哥, 青年的指导 works with primarily African-American youth in communities hit hardest with poverty and violence to provide counseling and mentorship to overcome barriers.
  • 种族与美国故事 project at Arizona State University is building 30 scalable university programs to help students engage in civil dialogue about racial injustice.
  • 与未来故事桥梁奖合作, 查尔斯·科赫研究所支持了 虚拟现实体验 这让观众陷入了民权运动期间抗议者的处境. Equality Labs in North Carolina and the Police Foundation used this content in communities to build trust and cohesion.
  • 投资和捐赠 国家公民和人权中心 ——乔治亚太平洋公司是该公司最初的创始人之一. 
  • 全国城市联盟 以及大亚特兰大城市联盟. 多年来, 我们赞助了全国城市联盟年会, hosting sessions on criminal justice reform and entrepreneurship and funding investments that support workforce development.
  • 国王中心其中包括为埃比尼泽浸信会教堂屋顶的必要修缮筹集资金. 两个女士. 克雷塔·斯科特·金和马丁·L. King III参加了GP中心的员工论坛.
  • 全国黑人公民参与联盟这是一个位于D.C. 鼓励人们参与人口普查和登记投票.
  • 全国黑人妇女委员会, 谁的使命是赋予有色人种女性权力, 他们的家庭和社区是我们的合作伙伴和支持.
  • 在威奇托和堪萨斯城 创建活动 为少数族裔创业者和城市创业者提供业务发展支持.
  • Dfree advocates for financial empowerment in the Black community 通过 a partnership with Dr. “破坏者”Soaries,一位著名的民权领袖.
  • SCLC / W.O.M.E.N.公司. 致力于解决社会行动问题, community and economic development in Atlanta by donating to various events and luncheons. 20多年来,乔治亚-太平洋公司一直支持这个志愿者组织. In addition, GP sponsors Southern Christian Leadership Conference events at the national level. 
  • 科赫和查尔斯·科赫基金会建立并支持 联合国科赫基金会学者计划 通过 2500万美元的拨款, 提供奖学金, 指导, 社交机会和大学补助金 向全美37个联合国儿童基金会成员机构提供的信息.S. 该项目已经提供了近3个,为黑人大学生颁发了5万项优异奖, 寻求奖学金援助的研究生和博士后学生.
  • 佐治亚太平洋基金支持联合国东南基金会的年度奖学金, 哪个值大于1,来自四所亚特兰大黑人历史学院的100名学生 & 大学:斯佩尔曼大学, 莫尔豪斯学院, 克拉克亚特兰大大学和跨教派神学中心.
  • 美国100名黑人 是美国最大的非裔美国人领导的辅导组织. 全科医生支持他们的青年领袖指导计划和年会, 其中包括全国101个分会.
  • 科赫工业和查尔斯·科赫基金会捐赠了25美元.600万美元 瑟古德·马歇尔大学基金 — one of the largest-ever gifts to that organization — funding scholarships and establishing the Center for Advancing Opportunity. 科赫公司在全国范围内通过这个项目招聘人才.
  • 全国暑期学校计划 is providing high quality educational content from the best educators nationally to tens of thousands of students this summer.
  • 城市预科学院 is a small, independent, tuition-based private K-8 school serving predominantly Black students. Koch's funding provides scholarships for qualifying students, regardless of socioeconomic status.
  • 50CAN国家声音计划 在教育政策和项目中提高不同的新声音的影响.
  • 是的. 每个孩子 is focused on public policy change that respects the dignity of every student by ensuring that funding follows each student for his or her education.
  • 青年企业家 为最弱势的学生提供转型学习机会.
  • 西部州长大学实验室 设计新的模式来增加对不同学生的接触, 包括传统上代表不足的学生群体, 通过包容性访问政策.
  • 真正的男人真正的英雄 课外小组辅导项目中有男性榜样吗, 包括科赫员工, 帮助从三年级到五年级的男孩.
  • 大哥哥大姐姐 pairs a family or adult individual with a local youth to provide guidance and build life-changing friendships 通过 time spent together.
  • 为青春奋起 在威奇托指导和赋权青年, 堪萨斯, 释放他们的潜能,过有意义的生活. 科赫公司的员工在董事会任职,并自愿提供编程机会.

Stand Together connects social entrepreneurs with passionate partners and the resources necessary to make a greater difference. 如果你有想法或想联系,发送查询到 MakeADifference@StandTogether.org.

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